Our white Appellation Contrôlée wines :

Our red Appellation Contrôlée wines :
Our Mâcon Villages 2001 is listed in the Hachette guide for 2003(p.473)
Soil : red clay/chalk facing East
AmountAbout 12,000 bottles produced.
  With its bright colour, yellow tones with soft green background it evokes honey and roasted almonds on the palate. A smooth, rounded and subtle wine. Served at 1 Io C and opened a half hour before serving, it can be drunk alone as an apéritif or will accompany charcuterie, seafood or goat's cheeses. Ready to drink nove but will keep for 4 5 years.
Price : 4.90 Euros per bottle, duty paid
Our Bourgogne Blanc 2001
Soil : white clay/chalk facing South West.
Amount : About 8,000 bottles produced
  A well structured wine with lots of body. Bright golden yellow colour with mixed ripe fruit on the nose( apricot, pear and quince) which hints at preserved fruit on the patate on a generous background of the local soil on which it has grown. Should be drunk at 12 13o C and opened an hour in advance when it will go well with charcuterie, shellfish, fish in sauce, snails, Bresse chicken in cream, foie gras goat's cheese, Epoisses, Brie, Camembert, Roquefort or Bresse Blue.
Price : 5 Euros per bottle, duty paid
Our Crémant de Bourgogne
Soil : rocky clay/chalk
AmountAbout 7,000 bottles produced

  With its amber colour and fruity nose with notes of liquorice on the patate it should be served at 8 10o C as an apéritif or with dessert. It is the cousin of Champagne with fine bubbles and fresh taste. It is always associated with celebrations and can be drunk alone or with a little blackcurrant liqueur to make a Kir Royal.
Price : 4.90 Euros per bottle, duty paid
retour haut
Our Mâcon Rouge 2001
SoilEast facing clay/chalk
AmountAbout 2,000 bottles produced
   Produced in limited quantity our red Mâcon has a deep red colour edged with violet. On the nose red fruits( raspberry, blackcurrant). Served at 14oC and opened a couple of hours beforehand it is a pleasant accompaniment to charcuterie. red meat in sauce and certain cheeses. Will keep up to 4 years.
Price : 4.90 Euros per botte, duty paid
Our Bourgogne Rouge 2001
Soilrocky clay/chalk
AmountAbout 2,500 bottles produced

  The grapes come from a remarkable small plot and are exceptionally ripe. The ground is littered with small, white, limestone pebbles which have the peculiarity of giving off during the night all the heat accumulated during the day. With its ruby red colour, spicy nose and complex flavour it can stand comparison with the best. Served at room temperature( 15/16oC) and decanted 4 hours or so previously. it is a marvellous wine with game( wild boar, venison, partridge, pheasant or woodcock) in sauce. A revelation to the patate. It is clear that with cheese our red Burgundy can end a meal fit for a king Henry IV himselfl Will keep between 5 and 10 years.
Price : 5.30 Euros per bottle, duty paid