"After PARIS, PLOTTES", Henry IV th
It was in 1562 amid the wars of religion that PONCENAT, a Protestant captain in Henry's army wanted to capture the fortified castle at Plottes (a former priory) by bombarding it from the mountain of FOY. At this time Paris itself was under threat. Henry, wishing to re-group his forces near the capital instructed Poncenat that it was imperative to take Paris and only then return to conquer Plottes, thus giving rise to his famous words "After Paris, Plottes."
Situated at the very heart of Burgundy, the Domain of Clos Gandin is a family estate.
Its origins go back to Pierre Delorme, born in 1836, who dedicated his life to vines and the production of that blessed beverage WINE.
Today the estate of Clos Gandin is run by the brothers Delorme and its 12 hectares spread over the Jurassic clay/chalk soil of the commune of Plottes.
  The most important aspect of the Clos Gandin estate is the notion of respect for the land and environment ; our approach, on a purely agricultural level, ( ploughing, etc) as well as the actual production of wine, is in total harmony with our view of Nature.  
" From the point when the vines are pruned back (mid--November to March) to the actual harvest (by hand) everything is geared to producing high quality grapes. What we are trying to achieve is wines which express the very identity of the Clos Gandin, a combination of the soil from they come and our own philosophy.
At the domain Clos Gandin we welcome all our customers in a cellar where our veines can be properly tasted.
M. Delorme.